My entry for a great giveaway...

2:28 PM

I was just over at one of my favourite blogs
I entered her giveaway for a $50 voucher to spend at her Etsy shop sweetvintage78.
It's kind of a little plug for her shop as well because I absolutely adore her stuff!
Here is the comment I posted on her blog:

Buttons & flowers and little doilies too
You cannot help but buy more than a few
They are great for those projects like scrapbooking and such
But as decorations on clothes and cushions, I like just as much
Sweet vintage embellishments have so much style and flair
At affordable prices, your bank balance won't care
With these finds, I can create pretty things with such ease
And for anyone of any age, what I create will surely please
So thankyou Jodie for creating with love
You definitely have a gift given to you from above!

Can you tell that I also love writing? Although, I have never written much poetry, I am loving this! And even if I don't win, it was fun to write and I still love buying sweet vintage stuff!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the crocheted hexagons. Crochet isn't too hard at all... just one hook and a few different stitches. The tutorial for the hexagons is at Hope you can work it out and enjoy it!

  2. thanks for the poem Anna, it really made my day and i recited it to everyone at home very proudly hehehe! There's a little prize for you on its way tomorrow and I posted your poem on my blog too :)


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