Just a little bit slow to catch up...

12:51 PM

Back in my school days, I was always referred to as 'sheltered'. My ever-so-encouraging classmates commented quite regularly that I was not 'up to speed' with the things of the world. But you know what? I never really cared. So what if I was a little slow to experience or know about things that the others had?! Quite frankly, all they were talking about didn't sound appealing to me anyway.

Only now that I have entered into the world of 'blogging' do I regret being a little slow on the uptake. I am having a fantabulous time looking up blogs, delving into the creative lives of others and stimulating my creative mind. I am totally hooked to the point that I think I may need to attend 'Bloggers Anonymous' if I'm not too careful (not that there is such a group and even if there was, I doubt it would help anyway!)

I have freqently heard of blogs and knew what they were and even stumbled across a few while searching up on various topics, but never did I think to look up any along the lines of my interests. It wasn't until I watched the movie Julie & Julia, did I think, 'Wow, maybe I could set myself a challenge and blog about it'. What would I do? Umm...

  • how many garments/items can I knit in a year?
  • A Page a Day (my endeavour to complete unfinished scrapbooking projects)
  • Make Op-Shop quilts for a year - only use materials bought from op-shops/second-hand stores
  • Dressmaker's Course - my journey through learning to sew like a pro!
  • 101 days of my life - a photographic memoir

My brain was whirling with possibilities and concepts. This set me off looking up crafty, arty-farty blogs that I could relate to. I knew that there was ALOT of bloggers out there but I am just totally bamboozled with all the good stuff I can read from people like me who are crazily addicted to all that is crafty and creative. I felt rather insignificant. Any blog I wrote would probably get completely lost in this array of choices. But hey - you're reading it so please come back and see what I come up with to post every day or so! I haven't actually set myself a challenge of any sort but do hope to set small challenges for myself every now and then that I will blog about so keep reading! You might actually get something out of it for yourself!!

With sprinkles of sunshine...


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  1. Hay Anna blogging is exciting isn't it!!! I have also only recently entered into this great world of blogging!!! Thanks for commenting on my card! Its interesting to see how many people visit my blog! Hope all is going well for you and Jason. I bet Jarrah is growing up!! Will keep an eye on you rblog to see whats happening with you


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