June Snapshots...

5:07 PM

Yesterday Jason made some progress on our garden plans. He found some old cement blocks behind the shed and has used them here to make an edge for our garden bed down the side of our house. We have had a nice rain here today so everything is wet and glistening.The other week, Jason also collected leftover rocks from the centre garden of our driveway and used them here to make an edge for our rose bed we want to create here in front of our porch. I haven't got a photo of the lattice that we put up against the porch rails. We hope to have a few climbing roses so the lattice will be a great thing. It is also useful as a barrier for Jarrah so she doesn't fall off the porch and get all prickled (when we plant them of course)!
This has made me very happy. I have such an awesome husband. He just totters round on his days off doing various things like this around the place and it makes me very pleased!!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. yes, i agree, i have an awesome husband too, your darling father, life is always great with a great mate.


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