June Snapshot Catch-up...

3:18 PM

Sunday 20th
I have desperately needed a colour done in my hair (to cover the greys) and since it is a tad expensive to go to the hairdresser, I got a supermarket colour to do at home. Well, on Sunday, I got Jason to put it in. I was slightly nervous because Jason has never done this before but he did quite a good job and I don't mind the colour. I've never used it before - it is a chestnut colour. Monday 21st June
Well, last night we went to the pub for tea and to watch the Bad Piper. He was great. I think he is really entertaining!!
Yes he did let off his fire pipes inside!!!

It looks like it burnt the ceiling but it didn't.

Be back later with today's snapshot of June!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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