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1. I shared this link on Facebook a couple of weeks back but wanted to share it on here too.
I totally believe in and support this idea. Having visited homes for the elderly when I was at school and then later working in aged care myself, I can definitely vouch for the benefit of amalgamating pre-school and aged care. Kids are great therapy for the aged and our little ones can learn a great deal from our older generation too.
Brilliant idea!

2. Wow! Now THIS is some kind of proposal :-)

3. Oh my gosh! This is heart-jerking! Thank goodness for decent people with courage to step in on a situation they are not comfortable witnessing!

4. I admire how Brene Brown takes to a current issue and firmly but gently encourages a way in which we could react to an undesirable event. Also dealing with issues of racism, stereotypical perceptions of others. This part stuck out to me...
 if each one of us owns one story and makes one change and has one honest conversation where we listen more than defend or offer false comfort – we can do this.
Read the whole article HERE!

5. Ok, so those most close to me would most likely snicker at me for posting this...How to Rock A Minimalist Wardrobe. 
My husband, in particular, would shake his head at me because he is always telling me to clean up my clothes before he kills himself on the way to the bathroom one day/night.
I must admit, I have been exploring my own style and what I like to wear, therefore have been on a bit of a clothes buying spree in an attempt to find the wardrobe that represents ME and my style of fashion.
As a result, our walk-through robe is pretty much exploding, filled with clothes and SHOES! Man, I've had an obsession with shoes lately.
My intention is to get in there ASAP and just go wild with fashion, create a kind-of mini runway and experiment with looks and work out what I like or don't like on me.
I might even get the self-timer out and do a few photo shoots ;-)
Oooh that sounds like so much fun!
Now to find the time...

Enjoy your weekend!

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