My Soul Sings #3...

3:03 PM

** at the sound of rain on the soothing!

** with the chance to expand my skills and experience in particular areas of my life

** at how our neighbourhood comes together, especially in times of emergency - like when the 3 remaining town ambos have to head off on a call and all the kids end up at one place to be looked after by the remaining parent. It's very heart-warming to know that people have got your back and just how well we all band together as a community.

** when I get a random chat with my Dad - doesn't happen super often so it's nice :-)

** eating Camembert cheese and crackers

** when I receive exciting news and are blessed with the generosity of others...stay tuned - all will be revealed in good time ;-)

** slipping between fresh sheets on our bed. Ahhhh....zzzzzz ;-)

** sitting around a bonfire enjoying drinks, toasted marshmallows and great company

What are you grateful for this week?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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