Here I Stand Right Now #1

12:03 AM

I actually really enjoy seeing pics on social media of where people are standing and the story of where they are, what they are doing/experiencing; it's fun to see and read about people's journey through life and the everyday.

As part of documenting a part of my life's everyday journey, I have set about taking a daily photo (or, at least, most days) of where I am standing, as in - there should be a shot of my feet in the photo and a little blurb about where I'm at and what I'm doing right then. 

I'm using the hashtag #hereistandrightnow to keep these themed photos grouped together.
I'm also using the hashtag #obsslifesnaps (standing for : the acronym for this blog and the things in life I snap with my camera). I thought that every Saturday I would share my pics from this theme on my blog.

Here is this week's snaps of life where I am standing each day...


11:59am Coffee time! Trying to get clothes dry!
It had been raining the last couple of days and I had to get the kids school uniforms washed and dried - so the fire was lit and out came the clothes horse!


10:35pm Checking kids before I go to bed.
Something I do every night. Gosh, bed always looks so cosy and inviting. I'm so thankful for the goodness of crawling into bed.


11:54pm Planner Play! Filling in more spaces.
Yes - I'm up late I know. Something I'm quite good at - night owl that I am ;-)
I usually wind down my day by doing something creative while watching a movie or TV series on DVD - lately it has been One Tree Hill :-)


2:12pm Let's get fit! Time for a walk.
A couple of my fellow townies and I have committed to going for regular walks each week. We have synced our diaries and set dates/times for each walk. So far we have stayed on track really well and I'm thinking we are all feeling better for it!


6:56pm Yes. There is a problem afoot ;-) -- My love for shoes has exploded! :-/
Hmmmm....yeah pretty self explanatory.
I need to establish some order here STAT!


2:43pm Restocking shelves/pallet
I had just done school pickup and headed back to shop so kids could see their Daddy. I noticed the dog food needed restocking so got to work hauling a few bags in from out back.
Gotta do my bit hey!?! ;-)

Saturday (today)

1:16pm Have spent 6 hours of today out on an ambulance callout.
We were out bush so it takes some time and patience while we locate, treat, package and transfer the patient.

So there it is - my week from where I stand.
How does yours look?
Feel free to join in.
And be sure to use #hereistandrightnow on your posts over on social media (I use Instagram for this) so I can follow along :-)

Take care now.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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