Hello Winter...

10:53 PM

It's the first day of Winter.
Some people absolutely hate this season, the colder parts of the year - but I actually...don't mind it.
I love layering on the clothes, having bonfire night and toasting marshmallows, snuggling up on the couch watching a good movie, drinking hot chocolate.
I love the crisp mornings - you know the ones where you have to count yourself out of bed and once you throw off those covers you gotta run around like a mad person in order to warm up!
That's the magic of Winter.
And I like it. A lot.

With the beginning of this season, I like to create a Winter Manifesto.
So here it is...

1. Make chicken and pearl barley soup.

2. Knit a beanie for each of my two kids and hubby.

3. Go star-gazing.

4. Make mulled wine.

5. Write in my journal, preferably everyday!

6. Catch up on Project Life.

7. Participate in Ali Edwards' WEEK IN THE LIFE.

8. Do some ambo shifts in town.

9. Do some home-decorating and organisation.

10. Knit a cowl/scarf.

11. Write a short story.

12. Get active everyday eg. dance around to groovy music, get on the cross trainer, go for a walk.

13. Watch soem old chick flicks I like from my high school/early workforce days.

14. Make spiced hot chocolate with REAL chocolate - not the powdered stuff!

15. Bake my own bread.

16. Have a bonfire party.

17. Sort and re-organise linen + bathroom cupboards.

18. Make a cubby house with the kids.

19. Make some candles.

20. Do a themed photoshoot.

Do you have a Winter Manifesto?
Do share!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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