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7:00 AM

Hello to all my lovely readers!
Let's get stuck into some...

1. This is just a little bit sweet what this man does for his Mum :-)

2. This was very interesting and super emotional to watch. I teared up.
What an incredible idea though - to take a glimpse into the future.

3. In an attempt to live more with less, the issue of the kids toys and the condition of their room is quite a common topic in our home. I totally agree with what Joshua Becker writes about in his article about the benefit of fewer toys for children. In the past, we have sorted toys and placed them in the kids rooms on a rotational basis so they are not getting sick of toys and it feels like new toys all over again every time. It was working but we have slipped somewhat since. My aim right now is to clear the kids room and limit the toys and accentuate more activity and creative based play.

4. Sisterhood is so beautiful. You have a best friend for life! I love this series of photos named 'Barely Different' revealing the bond of unity between two sisters birthed on opposite sides of the world.

5. These Dark Chocolate Detox Bites look super yummy. Keen to try them out!

Have a super fun and safe weekend.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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