My Soul Sings #2...

6:51 PM

Every Sunday, I aim to post about things that I am grateful for.
Here is what I am grateful about this week --

* seeing my kids get up and give it a go!
The school my girls go to, had their 2nd term assembly this week (a bit earlier than usual due to other activities happening over the next couple of weeks).
Both my girls got up and did items. I loved seeing their happy faces as they performed.
Little K as one of the 'five little ducks who went out one day' and Miss J singing, her beautiful voice ringing out sweetly and perfectly in tune.
It filled my heart with joy!

* celebrating our little ones 4th birthday.
The joy on her face and the excitement in her heart about everything her special day brought about, presents and a party and fun with friends, was beautiful to watch.
Our baby is growing up FAST!

* that my home is starting to take better shape and fit more into my ideals and hopes for how I want it to look and be organised.
Declutter and minimise is my goal.

* when other people reach out and check that you're going along ok in life.
It means so much to know that there are those out there that have your back; that care about me.

* that the rain has finally come and we are getting a nice water over the land.
Farmers have been wanting it!

* a new dentist. a new treatment plan. and the ball is rolling towards getting my new smile :-)


I found this article through the week too and wanted to share it here. 
It's a great reminder to not take the smaller things for granted because they also make up your journey through life, making it special, more vibrant, and more magical.

What are you grateful for today?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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