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1. Loving some of these bedroom decorating ideas!

2. The power of make-up! Check out THIS video.
Quite interesting.
I wear make-up. I like make-up. I have never worn it that thick and glam before...mine is more a simple day look. BUT it would be interesting to see what I looked like glammed up like that - probably wouldn't recognise myself! HAHA!
Personally, wearing make-up can be a confidence booster, it does enhance your look in areas that are usually naturally lacking. I do believe though that once your make-upped look becomes your 'true' identity - there is a slight problem; there is a misplacement of truth and sense of self happening.
I believe that one must also feel comfortable in their own skin, al naturale too.
Plus, it's good for your skin to be free of any product on it. That's why it's healthy to have a good skin care regime - cleansing, toning, and moisturising your skin daily is important.
But, it is nice to dress yourself all up sometimes and this girls transformation is quite impressive.

3. I have printed this list off. I believe that just starting, no matter how small, is the key. There are many little things in our home that can be done to create some more order, space and freedom.

4. I could see us implementing some of these diy backyard ideas! Some great projects!

5. Organisational Tips - here's 10!

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