Here I Stand Right Now #5...

7:00 PM

Here is this week with a view from the top...

Sunday 19th July
Serious card playing happenin' here :-)

Monday 20th July
Picnic Lunch - last day of school holidays :-)

Tuesday 21st July
Time to tackle the kids' socks and undies draw! Needs sorting BIG TIME!!

Wednesday 22nd July
Today's organisational progress! I went through the kids' drawing/art supplies - culled and sorted. Next step...where to set up the arty station ;-)

Thursday 23rd July
Fuel. Essential.
Cos I'd like to get home thanks ;-)

Friday 24th July
Soup for lunch - made lovingly by Mumma

Saturday 25th July (today)
With my Mumma :-)


It's been great to have my Mum and one of my sisters here.
Feeling very blessed.

What has your week looked like?
If you share and photos of where you are standing, would love if you tagged #hereistandrightnow so I can take a geezer at your photos :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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