15 FAVOURITES - TV Shows...

7:00 AM

This idea of listing 15 favourite things per month is something I like to do, joining in with Kellie Winnell of Give A Girl A Blog.

This month we are to list 15 favourite TV SHOWS.
So here goes...

[ in no particular order ]

1. The Voice
2. One Tree Hill
3. McLeods Daughters
4. All Saints
5. Love Child
6. Christy
7. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
8. Winners and Losers
9. When Calls The Heart
10. Packed to the Rafters
11. A Place Called Home
12. The Graham Norton Show
13. Ellen
14. Spicks and Specks
15. Greys Anatomy

Some of these are current faves, others are older long-standing favourites (mainly the series TV shows) that I'll always go back to cos I love them!

So what about you?
What are your fave TV shows?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


And I leave you with one of my fave TV couples' love story...

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