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Hello my little sunshines!
Are you ready for some...

Here we go!

1. Wanna quit your job, pack your bags, and travel the world??
Well here you go -- your checklist awaits!

2. Ten ways to be more organised -- hmmm, need to work at a few of these!!

3. Nine things your husband/partner is always thinking about!
Hmmm...not really surprised actually ;-)
Interesting read though.
I actually asked my husband to list 5 things he thinks about all the time or VERY regularly -- most he said came under these topics in a round-about way.

4. This article popped up in my FB feed on a night that I had just been in a conversation with my hubby about this very issue - I forget the happy part sometimes which is very confusing for me because I am, by nature, usually a very happy, positive, and vivacious kinda person.
 I am also the kind of person who heaps unrealistic expectations on myself, I am very ambitious and want to do EVERYTHING, and I have a very high standard of ideals and how I'd like things to be! I'd like to have it all together...but I just don't.
I read this article and it was when I hit this part (copied below from article) that the tear ducts started to wobble...

Listen, please, please, please. You are not the only mom who has ever stood in the kitchen with kids running around and dishes piled high and loud noises and tears have filled your eyes as you wondered what happened to happy.  It’s okay. For real.

I've so totally been there.
But...I'm actually not alone.
And neither are you.

5. How to chase your dreams responsibly. Had never really thought about it that way -- that you could pursue your dreams irresponsibly...good read.

Thanks for dropping by.
Take care.

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