Here I Stand Right Now #2...

9:27 PM

Snapshots of my everyday...with a view from the top!

Sunday 28th June
Bonfire Time!

We had a few of our neighbours come along to our place for a BBQ and bonfire.
We love to do this every winter - we hop around the neighbourhood every weekend or so and take in turns hosting.
It's always a great evening!

Monday 29th June
Glamour night at Nutrimetics training tonight!

So I dressed up abit and donned my animal print boots (which I LOVE btw!) and had a fun night.

Tuesday 30th June
Photo Editing

Ya know...everyday stuff ;-)

Wednesday 1st July
Supervising bath time

And...more everyday normal stuff.
And wearing my normal 'at home' footwear ;-)
...unless it's cold, then my tootsies are UGG clad!!

Thursday 2nd July
It's bedtime!

One of my favourite parts of the day is crawling between those sheets, snuggling into my tri-pillow and feeling the day fade away into the next one...

Friday 3rd July
School pickup - last day of term 2. Holiday time!

And Miss J headed off for a play date with a friend - HA!

Saturday 4th July (today!)
A visit to the park is always a hit with the kids!

Today we headed into town.
We had breakfast at Macca's, I went to the dentist and got a filling, and Mr Awesome took the girls to watch 'Inside Out' while I did the grocery shopping.
We also had plenty of time to have a play in the park which the girls are always keen to do!

What has your week looked like?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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