Here I Stand Right Now #4...

11:36 PM

Sunday 12th July
In front of the fire warming my tootsies! It's freezing cold!

Monday 13th July
Ugh! Just got ready to go out and realised I still had this mountain of washing to hang out! Such is life ;-)

Tuesday 14th July
Music. It's a great tool for winding down.

Wednesday 15th July
At the airport waiting for family members to arrive!

Thursday 16th July
The couch - my bed for [hopefully] the last night as I watch over the little one who has improved in health greatly today! Hoping to be back in our own beds tomorrow night :-)

Friday 17th July
I've been practicing. 

Saturday 18th July
We've been out to a town bonfire night - kickin' back eating cheese and crackers and SMORES! Now I'm full as a goog...time to go home :-)


Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.
Take care and keep smiling!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I love this idea Anna, and love seeing your photos pop up in my IG


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