My Soul Sings #4...

8:04 PM

** a good ole D&M with a friend

** looking upon a lovely bunch of flowers in a vase on my kitchen table every day! So pretty and lifts my spirits :-)

** when sick kids start getting better.

** lovely comments from friends and family (both onine and IRL) that encourage and lift me up.

** being involved in fun things!
(Have you checked out the latest @jotmagazine comp on Instagram??
You could get one of your fave photos scrapbooked onto a Heidi Swapp Memory Dex card by one of the Jot girls. Yay!!)

** the feeling I get when I am in my creative zone!

** happy kids hearts and special friends sleep-overs.

** when I feel trusted.

** eating nutella crumpets ;-)

Here is an article I came across through the week that I found meaningful and rather relevant to the circumstances and themes of my life and those around me lately.
It is about a topic that could very much increase or hinder your ability to be grateful in every circumstance with how much or how little you let it in.

Have a great week.
Thank you for dropping by!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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