Well, I Wasn't Ready For This Conversation...

3:00 PM

Once upon a time, a couple of weeks back  to be exact, my sister and I were hanging out with my girls in their room reading books and chatting.
Out of the blue, Sprout - my firstborn daughter - turns to me and asks...
"Who will marry me?"
"Oh. Um..." I kinda stumbled.
"Well, one day - many many years from now - a man will come and say 'I love you, will you marry me?' (and Mummy and Daddy will freak out! [mumbled under my breath])
She then asks, "Will I be a Queen like you Mummy?"
I stumble again - "Uhh...yes I suppose."
This seems to be enough for now and we go onto some other activities for five minutes or so.
Then, we were looking through her library book bag for some unread books only to discover that there aren't any that she hasn't read (or had read to her to be more accurate!)
I mentioned that we should get some more when we go into town the next day to which she instantly cries out - "NO!"
"Why not sweetie?"
"I want you to leave me here at home alone!"
Of course I asked Why?
"Because I will be waiting for the King!"
I ask "What King?"
"The one that will marry me!"
I cried.
The way kids think hey!?!
Is there a time your kids/grandkids asked/said something to you that just melted your heart?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. you had me worried there Anna I thought she was going to ask something else.I have a five year old and sometimes I cringe whenever he says "can I ask you a question?.By the way just found your blog and I like it so I am a new follower-love dee x

    1. Hi Dee! Welcome to the One Big Sunshine Spritzer family! LOL ;-) It's lovely to have you here and hope you continue to enjoy the content over here! Any 'helpful' feedback is always welcome as I always want to be able to satisfy my readers!
      I can only imagine what a five year old would be coming out with - they are just so inquisitive and sometimes rather insightful little beings hey!?! My girl surprises me quite often - and other times she makes me cringe. One day she told a woman she was fat (totally innocent and the lady was really lovely about it) - I was quite horrified though!! LOL :-/


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