I Feel So ScrapTastic...

2:54 PM

I actually SCRAPPED!
I haven't undertaken any scrapbooking in YONKS.
It's all there in my studio though. The photos. The albums. The tools. The supplies.
But it is the one thing that we all want more of -  that I, too, greatly lack...
And some studio organisation wouldn't hurt too. Alot of the stuff is still in boxes. [sigh] ;-)
But - I got into a scrapping frenzy when I saw a layout in the Etzcetera Jingle Bells Workshop the other week. I got right in and did one myself using the design and techniques that were shown in the layout.
And here was the result...
Ok, yeah it was only one page but for me right now - that's a frenzy! LOL!
It was the first time I had used paint on a layout.
The first time I had stitched on a layout - which is quite evident! Haha! You can see at the start of the arrow that it was zig-zagged - I didn't check the stitch type before zooming that foot down into my paper! Just goes to show I haven't used my machine for a while either ;-)
It was also the first layout where I had used paper layering like this too.
Whether it is classified as 'good' work is irrelevant to me - I WAS SO EXCITED that I had completed something and had ACTUALLY scrapped a layout. I couldn't stop looking at it. LOL :-D
You can see the original layout that Kim did in the Jingle Bells Workshop - all you need to do is sign up and it's all there ready for you. It's not too late!
I am keen to get stuck into more layouts similar to this one and try out the other layout that was in the Jingle Bells Workshop too.
And all the other crafty projects as well, of course. Hehe.
What crafty projects have you been up to lately?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Love your LO Anna. I have plans to use the sketch too, I loved all the examples the girls did in the Jingles Bells class!

  2. i think it's great and the stitching looks fine.love dee x

    1. You are so kind Dee. Thank you :-)


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