Hello Monday - November 26th...

3:49 PM

I am joining in with Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday blog posts!
Here are this weeks Hello's...
HELLO to the Sickies. Not a nice thing to start with I know. Sprout and I haven't been well. And I am hoping with as much hope as I can muster that Mr Awesome or little Sparkle don't get any of the variety of stuff that we have!
HELLO to crochet Stars. Found this pattern whilst sorting through my magazines. I ripped the page out and sat down that evening and crocheted up 2 stars while watching a movie with my Mr Awesome!
HELLO to morning 'mountain climbs'!
HELLO to a good little bit of 'repurposing' ;-) My little Sparkle has found herself a cute little 'stool'!This Jack-In-A-Box won't be coming out of his box until a certain little someone has finished watching telly! LOL!
HELLO Christmas decorations! It's so nice to see you again :-)
Saturday will be 'Tree Raising Day' for us so I am preparing for this upcoming family event!
HELLO to Recovery Time. Although there is many plans for this week, I need to remember that I have just been quite ill and my body is still in recovery mode. So taking moments to relax is necessary. Activity...Rest, Activity...Rest - that is my cycle at the moment. I'll get there :-)
What are you saying 'Hello' to this week?
I do hope you are well and happy!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Hi Anna
    love the little stars what are you going to make with them....I cant wait to do my tree so hopefully we can this weekend fingers crossed-love dee x

    1. Hi Dee. I have no idea what I am going to make with those stars - I am just happy creating them at the moment, was so chuffed to have found a pattern and DONE it! Might make a garland or a table runner or something with them - if I make enough ;-)
      Will have to keep you all posted on that one :-)


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