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3:19 PM

It's no secret that I LOVE op-shopping.
I score many great finds - clothing, ornaments, fabrics, vintage sheets, kitchenware.
I just love finding something pre-loved and re-loving it again!!
The other day while walking around one of my local oppies, something caught my eye...
And I knew I couldn't leave it there.
A lot of work went into this needlework and I appreciate that - so I brought it home with me.
The picture just looks so...peaceful.
I plan on finding a frame for it or have Mr Awesome make one to suit it - and hang it up in my studio. It will match the space so well in there.
Do you love rescuing pre-loved treaures like this one? What treasured item have you found and taken home to re-love again?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. It's lovely and so nice that its found a new home. I too appreciate the work in these crafts. I often wonder who made it and how it came to be at the oppy.

    1. Yes. I do too Lea :-) The history of things always fascinates me - and I wonder about 'the story' behind the things that we find at oppies and such.


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