Hello Monday - November 12th 2012...

2:47 PM

I am joining in each week with Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday posts.
Here is what I am saying Hello to this week...
HELLO to more crafting. Loads of inspiration splashed around lately in the lead up to Christmas and all. I am getting into more of a creative flow and getting some projects done. Yippee!!
HELLO to Nutella face. One day she will learn how to eat a sandwich properly ;-) LOL
HELLO to sand play in the sun!
HELLO to keeping hats on heads whilst playing in the sun!
HELLO to making lists! Yes - I am heading home after Christmas for a while and I plan to make the most of every moment. So I'm making a list so I don't miss out on all the things I want to do while over there :-) (Probably a good idea to write on the PAPER though hey!?! haha)
HELLO to a Sneaky Peaky of a FINISHED layout. I will hopefully blog in more depth about this later on in the week. I am sooo happy with it!
HELLO to another batch of Bliss Balls. This time I coated them with coconut. An earlier sample proved that it was a lovely addition. Yummy.
Sprout did the coconut coating for every one of these. She was most proud!!
HELLO to some Pet lovin'! Taffy and lil Sparkle have a special bond. It's quite sweet :-)
What are you saying 'hello' to this week? Do tell!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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