Hello Monday - 5th November 2012...

9:16 PM

Every week I am joining in with Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday posts.
So here ís what I'm saying 'hello' to this week...
HELLO to dolly cuddling. A worker at one of our local oppies gave this doll to little Sparkle because 'she's such a good little girl'! ;-)
HELLO to three little ducks. The new additions to our little farmy part of the world :-)
HELLO to learning. Sprout is connecting dots to form letters. Sometimes she gets abit impatient and just scribbles but when she gives full concentration she is doing a really good job!
HELLO  to my first successful crocheted beret for Blythe dolls. So happy to have finally conquered the pattern - now you won't be able to stop me!! LOL :-D
I used this pattern.
HELLO to yummy culinary creations. I was rather impressed with the lunch I put up for myself today. It was delicious :-)
HELLO to little lunchbreak naps on the mat outside our backdoor where Daddy says it's quieter! Sprout wanted in on the experience (but not the photo taking!) ;-)
And finally...
[photo not taken by me]
HELLO to another of my 'Turning 30 giveaways' gifts arriving at its new owner!
The lovely Mel (@onecraftymumma) posted this photo to Instagram today letting me know it had arrived and that she loves it. I love making other people's mail days happy and exciting!
And HELLO to you my lovely readers. Thanks for popping by. I do so enjoy your company and appreciate you sharing in life with me!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Oh the beret looks gorgeous on your girl. I hope the pattern wasn't too hard to follow. I'm better at actually crocheting than pattern writing
    x cinti

    1. Hi Cinti. It did take me a few goes to get it completely right but I am pretty sure that was just me and not your pattern! LOL! The only thing I did was add another round of dc at the end :-) I am very happy with it! Thanks.


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