Hello Monday - 19th November 2012...

4:10 PM

Well, I'm back!!
I have been joining in with Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday posts.
So this is what I am saying 'hello' to this week...
HELLO to the First Chop.
Our little Sparkle's fringe has been dangling in her eyes and even down to her nose for a little while now and since she won't keep in her clips or hair ties, I had to give in and do the CHOP!
The tooth brush is for distraction but she still didn't stand still very easily :-)
HELLO to Inevitable Changes.
I know we all grow older with each new day. But why does it have to happen so quickly? Especially with our kids!
Next year brings us to the time where we send our firstborn off to Kindy. Although it's an event filled with mixed feelings, I think we are all ready for this new phase.
Last week consisted of the Orientation day which Sprout thoroughly enjoyed. She didn't want to leave. When we got there, she just ran off to play. I am pretty sure there will be no issues with separation anxiety on her part. LOL ;-)
This week, my mind is filling with possibilities and ideas on how to bring our little family into this new phase! Think...rosters, designated bag hanging area, pretty posters showing our new routines, lunchbox & lunchbox food ideas - it's all happening in this little brain of mine! Haha!
HELLO to adding some 'frankie' to my kitchen.
I have been sorting through my magazine stash. Came across this groovy poster out of an old Frankie magazine from last year and thought it would look good on my pantry door. So there I stuck it!
HELLO to trying out some new 'treat' recipes. These were quite a hit! Definitely a possible lunchbox snack idea for the school kid :-)
HELLO to loads of Crafty and Christmasy inspiration around the place lately. Mollie Makes is one of my fave mags as is the online magazine, Etzcetera.
I have just finished the annual Etzcetera Christmas workshop, Jingle Bells 2012.
There was SO many great projects in this workshop - I pretty much want to do EVERY single one of them. I have printed off the lovely eBook that came with the workshop for easy, on-hand reference so I can get cracking!
You can join in too. Head on over to the Etzcetera website and sign up. It's all there loaded up ready for you to enjoy!! And you will enjoy it - I can assure you of that!
What are you saying 'hello' to this week? Let me know in a comment or leave a link to your blog in the comments section telling us what you are saying Hello to! Would love to hear!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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