Winter Manifesto...

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Welcome to June 2012!
The first day of winter here in Australia.
And it was a bright & beautiful warm day here in my part of the world for the first day of the 'cold' season.
Morning came - but I was very reluctant to greet it. Was too tired to get out of bed. Must be all the late nights I've been having.
Winter, for some, can be quite a dreary season; one that is loathed and dreaded. I don't know that I dread it. I like being able to experience each season with its clearly defined attributes. Winter is cold, yes. But that just means I can pull out my scarves, eat yummy stews and snug up in my uggies/slippers and dressing gown and soak up the warmth of the fire, watching the flames licking around the wood as it burns. Mmmm...
Sometimes the change in weather to the cold, sometimes dull, days can cause us to lose our way a little and feel slightly sluggish, lost, unmotivated therefore unproductive!
So I thought it would be good to write a Winter Manifesto - a list of things I would like to achieve during the season of Winter. I have seen a few bloggers with their Winter 'bucket lists' to get themselves motivated and excited about the chilly season and I was very attracted to the concept and idea behind these lists. When I read Ali Edwards' blog and saw her 'Summer Manifesto' (cos she lives in the US - different seasons and all), I knew I just had to join in and MAKE MY LIST! This will spur me on and give me something to aim for and feel a deep sense of achievement when the season passes and I can see all I have done!
So here goes...

1. Try out some new and different soup recipes.

2. Get the kids into a better bedtime routine.

3. Buy My Thermomix.

4. Celebrate my bubba turning 1!

5. Organise my Studio.

6. Write some poems.

7. Make some projects out of my craft books. (Will write a more detailed post on this at a later date!)

8. Read a book to my kids every day.

9. Crochet/Knit. Finish the projects I have started.

10. Jump in some puddles! (When and if it rains!)

11. Have a ladies night out in town!

12. Watch at least one DVD movie a week at home (by myself OR with hubby & kids)

13. Find more moments to spend some quality time with my hubby.

14. Do a tapestry (Learn how to first!)

15. Celebrate hubby's birthday!

16. Do Christmas in July!

17. Donate to Charity

18. Go Op-Shopping

19. Have a guest post on my blog.

20. Guest post on someone else's blog!

21. Shake it up in the fashion department. Be daring every once and a while.

22. Research some new potential hairstyles. Choose the 'new do' for entering my 30's.

23. Drink hot chocolate by the fire.

24. Be Happy.

25. Sparkle & Shine!!

Why don't you join in and make a Winter Manifesto. Might make the cold days and nights go by more quickly and make the season a whole lot funner!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...



Something Positive for Today...
My Mum has joined the blog world and I read her first 'official' post today.
Go here if you want to check it out too!

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  1. That's a great idea!! I might write my own list now :)

    1. That's great Bec! Would love to see what your list contains! Will you blog it? :-)


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