I Am A Pinner...

9:36 PM

Now, you would have heard of Pinterest by now yeah?
Ya know - that awesome place online where you can create boards and pin pictures you like, photos of tutorials, recipes etc. Loads of inspiration to be had I can assure you.
And it is highly addictive!
And yes, I am a pinner myself.
You will notice the badge on my side bar where you can click and go to follow one or all of my boards.

I have been on Pinterest a couple of times in the last couple of days and I thought I would share with you my favourite pins for this week. I might even make it a weekly (or maybe monthly) thing where I can showcase everything I dream about or endeavour to do in real life through Pinterest!
Just click on the 'source' button under each pic to be redirected to its original source.

So first up...
Of course, it has to be some crochet LOVE!

Pinned Image
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I have got crochet fever at the moment. There are about 4 crochet projects on the go at present - so I need another one like I need a bellyache but oh...I just get so inspired and want to do them all.
Patience. Restraint. Anna, you can do it. Come on, get those other projects finished. Hehe ;-)

How thrifty and nifty is this:
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I would use this as a project box/table beside my couch where I knit/crochet. How beautiful would it be to see all the different colours of wool you are using arranged in there to view through the window! How delightful :-)

Something decorative.
Pinned Image
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How knicky knacky are these!?!
I love it. And I wouldn't necessarily put them outside - I think they would look totally awesome in any part of the home - somewhere near a window preferably so that light can reflect off them and give a nice tinkery, airy feel to inside. LOVE!!

I have been thinking about bird baths and such for the garden lately and I found TWO different ones  I like that I pinned. One for the front garden and one for backyard!
Pinned Image
This idea for the front garden. I'm thinking somewhere under the tree outside the window of hubby and I's room. Then I can peer out and see the birdies have a splash and a peck!
Pinned Image
{ source }
I would love to hang this bird feeder from a tree in our backyard. How elegant would this be hung in your garden. Totally crushing on this idea!!

And that concludes my little spot of inspired ideas via Pinterest.
Will be back another time with more lovely things to showcase.

Hope you have had a great weekend!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Something Positive For Today...
I am over half way through the novel we are reading for book club. Should have the majority of it read by tomorrow night!

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