Day 31 MPC: Words To Live By...

12:43 AM

There are so many words, quotes, phrases around that spark a certain meaning and importance to us when we read them.
Today I was browsing my 'Words to Live By' pinboard on Pinterest (you can follow me by clicking on the Pinterest button in the sidebar), and there was one particular quote that stuck out to me...

everyday, lovely day

I have always lived by these words. I have said before that I hate negativity and always strive to be positive in every circumstance. Sometimes the moment gets the better of me and I need to step back and get some perspective. I am reminded of something I used to do every night before going to sleep while I was going through Uni.
I had an A5 size envelope, a pad and a pen beside my bed. I had labelled the envelope with these words:

'Something Positive For Each Day'

And I would do just that. Write something positive about my day on a piece of the pad paper, rip it off the page and slide it into the envelope.
A couple of years later, I found that envelope again. Wow! The power of positivity. It was such an eyeopener, reading some of the things I had written on those pieces of paper. At times, it had been as desperate as saying, 'The sun was warm coming through my window'! My favourite one was the one that read:
"[He] proposed to me tonight. And I said 'Yes'!"
Squeal. So much fun to look back on and think of such fond moments in time.
Which brings me back to the quote above. There is always something good in a day! Heck! It might just be that it was a bright sunny day, but that is SOMETHING. And sunshine is always GOOD in my opinion!!

This has challenged me to start up my little envelope tradition again - maybe you would like to start one too. You don't have to use an envelope either; you could use a jar or a box. Whatever you feel like really. I'm even gonna go as far as writing something positive at the end of each blog post I write in June! If you have a blog, maybe you would like to join in with me for the month of June :-) Let me know if you do so we can share the love and spread the positive vibe!!

Think Positively!
Choose Joy!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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