It's Not Dead Yet!...

4:21 PM

It's been almost a week and I am happy to announce that Sprout's plant is still alive and well.
You are probably thinking that one week would not necessarily be enough time for a plant to die but I have seen plants look pretty haggard after a week.
Not this one.

The other day, it had a trip outside to get some sunlight.
Sprout carried it out. And she was hankering to use her watering can. So we put a little bit of water in it and she got to water her plant for the first time. I informed her that the plant didn't need too much water or it would get waterlogged and probably die (don't ask me if that's right but it sounds like it would be so - I am no plant expert!). She decided she had not had enough of using her watercan yet, so I let her water a few plants round the garden - which are few and far between at this stage, until we get to work and do some landscaping!

She thoroughly enjoyed watering the plants. These shots will most likely remind my family reading this, of when I was little and used to use Mum's watering can to water her garden. And we had a huge garden where we lived then! Ahhh...memory lane. Such a fond place.
Sprout's watering can lives next to her Mummy's watering can underneath the barbecue at this stage (we don't have a garden shed).
And, of course, it looks like too much fun to miss out on - so Little Sparkle wants in on the action too!! Cuteness :-)

It's too early yet to tell whether my responsibility-teaching ploy is working - but the plant is definitely a nice decorative touch to my mantelpiece! hehe ;-)

But maybe the whole idea of responsibility and doing things without being asked is actually sinking in. Let me explain...
On the weekend, hubby and I were sitting in the lounge room watching telly and Sprout disappeared for a while. She suddenly burst into the lounge room yelling, "It's clean, it's clean - come and see, come and see".
So Daddy went to see. A few seconds later, he yells out to me to come and look.
I enter the bedroom and he looks at me with an amused expression - "You didn't do this did you?"
I shook my head. No.
We were amazed and completely befuddled really.
She had taken it upon herself to clean her room and was so proud of herself that she wanted us to see. She knew we would be happy. And we definitely were.

I could see the floor!

So maybe something is sinking in afterall.
Who knows!?!
Kids never cease to amaze and surprise you.

What is something that has amazed or surprised you about your kids?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Something Positive for Today...
Sprout helped me roll the biscuit dough into balls today and put them nicely on the tray. Love seeing her experience new things and still willing to help out whenever she can!

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