Inclement Weather...

9:13 PM

Over the last month or so, it has been noticably colder in the mornings. But the last week or so, the days have also turned rather cold. The last few days have been particularly windy. Yesterday brought a about a dose of stormy weather which made me appreciate being inside and not out on the road anywhere.
One thing about this kind of weather is that you can tend to start feeling a tad 'locked in'. Part of it is my own fault in deciding not to venture out in the yukky weather unless I really have to. I hate driving in rainy, windy weather. Really freaks me out!

Anyway, due to not being out much and not getting up to much AND the weather being a tad dreary, I am not feeling particularly inspired at the moment. Don't get me wrong, life is still pretty constant and full - kids need to be entertained, meals need to be made, housework continues to exist and require attention. I am just saying that I might not blog every day at the moment. There are a few thoughts rolling around in my head but I am not quite ready to share them on here yet; don't really know how to put it into words anyway. There is just alot of things going on in the world, our own nation actually, that have been hard to miss. There are many issues, some controversial, that are popping up and generating lots of different feelings, opinions and comments. It is slightly overwhelming and confusing to me right now.
As 'Miss-Congenitality-Beauty-Queen'-ish that this might sound, it has only dug up my deep-down desire and hope of the possibility of world peace. How much better would being here be!?!
One day it will get better!
I know it will!

As for now, this present evening...

I am pensive.
I am hopeful.
I am slightly irritable.
I am feeling a little quiet and reflective.

I am eager to go and sit on the couch with my hot chocolate and watch Packed To The Rafters!
So that's what I am going to do!

So forgive me for shying away for a short while. I just need to relax and re-fuel. Get some more inspiration and motivation pumping.

Until next time...

With Sprinkles of Sunshine (and whispers of wind and raindrops at the moment)...


Something Positive For Today...
I cooked three different recipes today = cake, muffins and soup!

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