Operation Studio: Progress Day 1...

11:17 PM

I have called this Day 1 of the studio organising project as yesterday was basically prep-work for today.
Yesterday was pretty much taken up with clearing out non-studio stuff like kids clothes, bags for the op-shops, books, toys, rubbish etc.
Today, however, I got down to the REAL business!
My aim for today was to get the basic furniture layout of the room done i.e. shelves and cupboards placed in their designatied location according to my studio design plan.
When I finally was able to get away from the daily household grind, I stepped into my space and instantly felt completely bamboozled. I shuffled a few things around and unpacked a box in an attempt to get a clearer picture of where I was heading and how I was gonna do it. But I felt even more confused and overwhelmed. The fact that it was lunch time probably didn't help matters, so I decided to go eat and use the time to re-focus and re-strategise.
It worked.
When I came back to the room, I knew what I had to do.
The wooden shelf that had been sitting in the middle of the room, was able to be moved over into its place next to the other matching wooden shelf after a bit of shuffling of boxes and such.
I then began to categorise the boxes and made the room into sections.
 I put sewing supplies or anything sewing related over in the corner against the door and packed the shelves with boxes so they were out of the way for now...
Anything scrapbooking related went into the adjacent corner...
And my knitting and other tidbits got stashed into my, what will be affectionately called, 'cosy corner'!

It was then that I had the middle of the floor cleared and ready for some furniture rearrangement. Unfortunately, we (yes I need hubby's help!) have only managed to re-locate a shelf from one end of the room to the other at this point.

Sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow, I will get hubby in again and we can move the cupboard and the table into the right spots and then...I can start delving into boxes and finding homes for things!

I am soooo excited, which I know I have said before but I am WAY more closer than I have EVER been in all my life, of having an organised, functional creative space.
I am bursting with anticipation!

But for now, it's nearly bedtime. The studio is closed up for the night and waiting patiently for my return tomorrow. Let's hope the kids give me a few moments here and there to make some progress!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Something Positive for Today...
I just held my bubba in my arms and sung her to sleep. Sweet dreams my little Sparkle xx

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