Today Is Beautiful...

9:37 AM

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.
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So I'm alive. I'm healthy(ish).
All is beautiful in the world :-)

Outside it is dreary and cold therefore it's cold inside too - trying to keep the fire cranking to warm things up. Until then, I am layered up with a singlet, long sleeve top, and a hoodie jumper and I'm feeling comfy in my tracky dacks :-)
So, the day might not be particularly bright but my heart is happy and sparkling with hopes, dreams, inspiration and a keen desire to make the most of every opportunity.
I have many plans...I thought that I would share my to-do's and hopefuls for this week here today!

1. Stay on top of the housework.

2. Get hubby and I's bedroom sorted and tidied - it's super cluttered at the moment. I need my space to breathe and relax!

3. Go through wardrobes - sort, reassign items in kids wardrobes (eldest 'too smalls' to youngest), discard or donate.

4. Get some special gifts finalised and sent to birthday swap July girls!!

5. Go through scrapbook kits - store on Expedit and START USING THEM!!

6. Set up desk lamp in studio for extra lighting when creating at night.

7. Start crocheting a cushion (possibly complete it this week?)

8. Go to a dance night at the local hall (Saturday). Better choose my outfit too - smart, casual...shouldn't be too hard to glam up abit? hmmmm.....

9. Ambulance driver training (Sunday) - stressing out abit about that but trying to let it not overtake my thoughts too much or it will ruin my week!! 

10. Make an art journal - again! I've started a few pages which are laying around somewhere in my studio...I've seen quite a few creatives around the traps getting into art journalling again and it has rekindled my desire to get my messy on and go wild :-)

11. Start ticking off some design team projects and write-ups.

12. Do some Project Life catch-up!!

So what are your plans for this week?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. YOU can do it! I just went through my goals for June again to really try knock them off.

    I can't wait to see the cushion! See now you have to do it, haha :)


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