Friday Faves...

8:00 AM

Well, if I can't manage blogging through the week at the moment, I can at least keep up with my weekly post of...

I have every intention of blogging but am currently using most of my spare time to clean up my studio and start de-cluttering my house for a more simplistic life with less.

1. I have this book heading my way. Looking forward to taking in its content.

2. I thought Kristen's idea of taking one photo each morning would be a nice little routine activity to do every day.

3. Really like the idea of a folded card booklet to hold journalling on a layout.

4. I LOVE everything this girl does!

5. Still undecided which one I want - Canon or Epson??? One has the connectivity options I like and the other the print quality! Hmmmmm....

Enjoy your weekend.
Take care.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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