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I love it when I can get to the end of the day and say -
'I made something today'
'I mastered a new skill'
'I started AND finished something'
all of these!

Yesterday was one of those days!
Oh yes!
And I am just a little excited about this.

I was browsing my fave blogs yesterday - you know the ones that you just automatically go to while drinking your morning coffee cos you know they are good no matter what - and I came across THIS POST over on Kellie's blog.

Yes - you read it right - ARM KNITTING!! 
And it really is quite easy no matter how hard you think the diagrams look - I went to YouTube and found THIS video and followed it to the 'T' - pausing and restarting, sliding back to certain spots and re-watching as many times as I saw fit. Which was quite a lot actually. heehee

Miss J had picked this wool out at Spotlight last weekend for me to make her a scarf. It's Passioknit Folkart Firecracker wool - 100% acrylic 100g balls. I used two balls for this cowl. I had been searching to find the perfect scarf to crochet for her.
When I came across this, the light went on and out come the wool and I got stuck right into it! I had to restart twice BUT third time lucky and I had this...

I was stoked!!
And so was this little chickadee...

I'm keen to make some more!!

Whatta ya reckon?? Keen to have a go?
Please share if you do :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Looks absolutely amazing! I am so shocked the attention mine has gotten and how many people around Seymour will now be making one, so look out for many comments :)

  2. I saw this post too! Really want to have a go! Well done for giving it a go! I'm not sure I will be as successful!x


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