Hello June...

7:00 AM

Hi there!
Ahhhhhh - a fresh new month.
As you would most likely be aware - I have just completed THIS challenge of blogging everyday in May and I aiming to continue on in blogging more regularly. That's why I thought this challenge would be great to do - to see how I go in trying to blog everyday. I have found that I have gotten into a bit of a groove so would like to continue this way.
I have come across a few new blogs through the challenge too which is great. In browsing the links on one of the other prompts the other day I came across one of the bloggers who made a list for herself to continue blogging in June. I have printed this list off and will use some of these prompts throughout the month when I feel I need some inspiration. Otherwise I will post however I feel led :-)

But for today I will use the prompt on this new list and write What I am looking forward to this month...

1. Blogging more of course ;-)
2.Living and Documenting life - starting some very meaningful projects to me
3. Running some special events through my blog here (so stay tuned folks!)
4. Celebrating this girls third birthday on the 15th :-)
5. More ambo training
6. Receiving happy mail
7. Doing some crochet projects
8. Organising my house better (couple of rooms need some work still!!)
9. Creating for Jot Magazine and Polka Dot Creative.
10. Enjoying life. Being happy.

What are you looking forward to this month?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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