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Yeah, so you remember last week's TO-DO list?

I'm back to reveal what I did, what I started and what I didn't get done at all!
Alot of the points were hopefuls - I would be happy if I had at least made headway on most things on this list!


1. I did manage to keep on top of the main household tasks - washing dishes, washing clothes (although due to weather I am not completely caught up but slowly plodding away when I am able to get clothes out that will DRY!), beds made every morning.

2. The main bedroom still remains in a state of disarray. Where I started, has only made more mess so it's still a work-in-progress.

3. I got quite a ways through my wardrobe - just got a few boxes of clothes I need to sort through and organise. I have an op-shop bag filling up and have chucked what I need to chuck. It's happening and that is good :-)

4. I finished the final items for some gifts for my birthday swap gift recipients for the month of July!

5. I have started going through scrapbook kits in my studio, have started actually using them although nowhere near clearing them off my table and storing them on the shelf yet :-/

6. Well the desk lamp is going where the pile of kit boxes are that I am going through so NO...that is yet to be set up yet!

7. I've started crocheting the cushion!!

8. We attended a local community dance night at the hall on Saturday night - quite a number of people attended from around the area. Band and food was good. The kids had a blast too!

9. Yesterday (Sunday) I had ambulance driver training. Daunting! But it was actually quite a good day...challenging and limit pushing for me but I learnt a lot and surprised myself with what I was capable of doing :-)

10. The art journal is yet to be started BUT I have many ideas floating about in the creative compartment of my brain ;-)

11. I have started getting some design team projects underway.

12. No Project Life catch-up happened - oh! unless you can count jotting down happenings of the week in my notebook and printing off some photos ready for my album...yeah! That so counts!!! ;-)

So, it wasn't all unproductive hey!?!

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So what am I up to - or hope to get done - this week?
Let me list it for you ;-) ...

1. Wash bathroom floors, vacuum right through all carpeted areas (we always do sporadic vacuums in targeted areas so we need to do the whole lot in one go for once!).

2. Hang some pictures around the house.

3. Bake an orange cake.

4. Finish crocheting that cushion I started.

5. Get that art journal started - at least a couple of pages!!

6. Tidy main bedroom.

7. Finish sorting through and organising wardrobes.

8. Continue moving along with design team projects.

9. Man the shop for a few hours one day this week.

10. More studio time - sorting, organising AND creating of course ;-) SET UP THAT LIGHT!!

11. Project Life catch-up - at least get two more weeks done.

12. Begin lessons in the new workshop JOT POCKETS on Sunday. Details HERE - you can join too!!

Yeah, so it seems a long list. There a couple of bigger tasks to do but many are smaller things - it's a matter of keeping focused and it should all be able to be done in a week really hey!?! On top of the normal everyday running of the household. 
Here's hoping anyway :-)

What are you up to this week? Anything, in particular, you want to get done?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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