Friday Faves...

7:00 AM

And here we are yet again for my Friday Faves list. These are my...

1. Love Paper? Inspiration +++ in this post - 15 paper projects to make. Love it!

2. I must say - one of these would be really cool to have :-)

3. What a simple yet effective piece of art!

4. With school holidays looming, I am trying to work out some special activities for the kids to do - this post has got me off to a great start...although...we don't use the word bored, boring, boredom or whatever in this household. We often tell our kids that they should never be bored - there is always something they can do, they have plenty of things to keep them entertained.
So instead of boredom busters, I think I would rather refer to them as 'entertainment enhancers'! hehe ;-)

5. I am all for what this article is saying. I am particularly fond of point 5 - I have always been a huge advocate of kids being responsible for their own things and earning what they have, although I probably haven't portrayed this concept as heavily as I should to my kids...need to up the ante on that one I think.  In a society where much advertisement targets young adults, I want to my kids to grow up being financially savvy. I want them to stand up to the consumer driven mumbo-jumbo and be wise with their money and the decisions that they make.
I think I also need to give myself a swift kick up the butt too and start listening to myself!! ;-)

Have a beautiful day :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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