Friday Faves...

12:39 PM

And it's time for another weekly round of...

1. Browsing my blog faves list, I clicked onto this blog and THIS post popped up. The last point almost brought me to tears - I know it is necessary and imminent but MAN it's hard. I really struggle with it when it comes to my kids!

2. Fellow Polka Dot Creative team member, Ellie created some beautiful journal cards for her Project Life album. Love em!!

3. I clicked this link over on Facebook and was given 5 tips to staying productive when working from home. I don't run a business from home but I do DT work and the occasional bookwork for the agency - I think these points are nice little reminders for anyone really, whether you're a Mum, housewife, or business owner working from home.

4. I like this space for a kids room - except I would make it bunk style beds with the working space underneath.

5. I reckon my kids would love some of the books on this list!

Enjoy and take care my lovely readers!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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