Jot Issue Six is out!...

4:08 PM

It's always an absolutely exciting and thrilling time when a new issue of Jot is released. 
I just love it!
And this issue is no ordinary issue - it's a celebration.
Jot turns ONE!!

I had the honour of kicking the issue off with the quick challenge layout! You can join in on the challenges and upload your work over on the Jot blog HERE.
And there is plenty of other inspirational projects and articles throughout the magazine that you are just gonna LOVE!!!
It's being hailed the best issue yet!!
And that's saying something because Jot has always been top-notch to begin with. Every issue has crept up in readership and people are loving it.
So head on over HERE to soak up all the goodness!!

You won't regret it!!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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