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Over the last couple of years, I have been really into crochet.
Once I taught myself how to crochet via a YouTube tutorial video, I was hooked (excuse the pun! haha)
The lovely Mel from One Crafty Mumma shared her progress via Instagram as she created a ripple baby blanket for her friend. She finished it a couple of weeks back and decided she wanted to make more for Christmas presents.
And the Ripple Along project was born!!
I have had this pattern in my crochet pattern archives to try for ages so when I heard she would host a ripple along - I jumped right in!

I found that pattern, printed it off, found some wool to do a practice piece with AND got hooking!! Hehe ;-)
The instructions were really easy to follow and I caught on really quickly!
My excitement grew as my little practice piece did!
And since I thought the colours looked so effective, I decided to keep going and make a doll size blanket!
So now I was ready to RIPPLE ALONG! Woohoo!
To kick things off, Mel wrote a blog post to help get us all get started. You can view it HERE.
Our first lot of pre-blanket homework was to work out which pattern we were going to use, the size we wanted to make our blanket and then select our yarn colours.
So this is my blanket details that I have decided:
PATTERN: the Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy of Attic24
SIZE: I am chaining up 199 stitches and will keep rippling along until my blanket reaches somewhere over a metre (will see as I go along). I will do a double row of each colour I choose.
YARN COLOURS: My first blanket will be for Sprout. I knew one of the colours were going to be white and there would definitely be pink. I confided in Miss Sprout for her colour choice and she picked green and orange as the other colours. Wasn't surprised by that actually :-)
This is the colourway I decided upon. I will repeat this sequence over again throughout my blanket until the desired length.
And once the colours are chosen, you pretty much just wanna get stuck into it!
So - the rippling begun!
I found the foundation row to be quite tedious and required my utmost attention. Probably my least favourite part of this blanket BUT it is worth it because it's pretty much all-systems-go after that!
And so I am RIPPLING along and loving every minute of it!!
You can check out what Mel is doing with her blanket HERE.
And the Week 1 Getting Started post with the updated full list of Ripple-Alongers is HERE.
Check it out and join in if you like. It's ultra fun!
And if you are on Instagram you can have a squizz at everyone's progress through the hashtag #ripplealong.
I will back over the weekend with my week 1 progress.
Take care.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. its looking lovely Anna, and yes so addictive! My post is up too you have reminded me of some info I left put, will note it for next week. x


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