RIPPLE-ALONG: Week 2 Progress...

4:14 PM

My aim for Week 2 was to get at least 10 rows done.
And I did just that and started on this weeks quota last night.
So I'm going well and sticking to my schedule :-)
So I now have 25 rows of colour all together so far!
I am still enjoying seeing everyone's progress on their blogs or via Instagram.
The hashtag is #ripplealong
The aim for week 3 is to get at least 10 rows of colour done again.
I am getting low on my wool colours. So I have called on my mother to grab me some more when heading up the coast where the closest Spotlight is for them. Unfortunately I live 4-5 hours away from the nearest Spotlight here - and the local craft shops here don't stock the wool I'm using & I do want to keep it the same all the way through the blanket. 
But I should have enough to keep me happy for most of this week :-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Your blanket is looking sooo adorable, Anna. That's awesome that you've stuck to your plan - it's definitely helped me to have a certain number of rows to do each week.
    Happy rippling,
    Mel x

  2. your blanket is so gorgeous - great colour combination - beautiful work :)

  3. I LOVE your colours Anna, you are making great progress.

  4. It is just beautiful and you are doing waaaay more than me !

  5. wow it's gorgeous, love your colour choices.


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