RIPPLE-ALONG: Progress - Week 1...

2:28 PM

I have managed to get my crochet out most every day since starting.
And it's growing.
I was unsure of the colour combo - I liked it, I just didn't know if it was the right sequence or something.
But once I had it all together and the first sequence done - I am LOVING it.
Most of my crocheting time is done in the evening when the kids are in bed and I get to relax in front of the telly and just hook away.
It's really relaxing and all the troubles of the day can just fade away :-)
I know I said in the last blog post that I would be back on the weekend.
Yeah - so I'm a tad late BUT...
Following along with Mel, I had a goal of 14 rows in the first week and I reached that goal on Sunday night! And then, due to it being a long weekend here in WA, I didn't get to blog yesterday so today it is. Better late than never hey!?! hehe
I am just so delighted with this project. It is soooo empowering for me to see my blanket growing as I sit and work at each stitch. It has just added more Happy to my days. It makes me even more happy when Mr Awesome leans over from the other chair watching and then says "You're really good at that!" Major heart sing moment :-)
I have been following along with a few of the other ripple-alongers on Instagram. Everybody's blankets are different and reflect their own tastes and are looking gorgeous!
I am especially loving Mel's blanket as she progresses. See her progress HERE.
I am seriously considering doing white in between each colour for my next blanket - it looks so good!
Here are a couple others I am loving too:
Tammy from GirlsWearBlueToo
Deb from Us
And if you are thinking this project is too hard and you'd never be able to do it - READ THIS!
And so...
I eagerly go into Week 2.
I am aiming for at least 10 rows (and by 'row' I mean the colour rows. Just to clarify.)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. I love your colour selection! I'm the same as you, my evenings are my hooky time (but I do try and sneak a little in during my lunch break too!). And wow on your progress...I only got up to row 5 in my first week. Look forward to seeing your blanket grow!


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