Documenting Life...

4:00 PM

I love doing it.
Photographing memorable moments.
Writing down things I would like to remember down the track.
I am always 'snapping' away with my camera or jotting down a little quote or activity from throughout the day. For memory's sake.

Ever since January last year, I have joined in with a photo-a-day challenge created by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim.
It has been so much fun and I am still carrying on with it to this day. Here is next month's daily photo prompt list for April.
I really enjoy the idea of taking a photo every day related to the prompt. It gets your mind ticking over and I feel that my imagination has expanded more in coming up with different ideas for photos and such. Good for documenting the 'everyday' too!
In mentioning about documenting the everyday, this year I committed myself to Project Life and creating a weekly double page layout showcasing our family's adventures for 2013!
In doing this, I thought that for April - in addition to the Fat Mum Slim photo challenge - I would create my own list of prompts to help me along in documenting more things about myself and things around me. And to just take more 'life snaps' that are great for Project Life and creating an album full of moments and meaningful tidbits.
Part of my aim for this year was to 'go deeper'. Don't just document the normal, on-the-surface stuff but really write down feelings, include some of the not-so-good moments as well as the really awesome times, and to just be REAL! That way, I can look back and see the true journey through life with all its twists and turns. And see how far I, and we, have come! Not to focus on the drab and mundane but just to include it. In some way, shape or form. Life isn't perfect. But sometimes our imperfections can help in making us better and create beauty in us.
Embrace every aspect of life.
That's what I wanna do.
This is the list I have created for myself in my 'list' book!
I thought I would share it, and explain what it was all about, so people who follow me on Instagram or read here (cos I might feature a day or two on this little bloggy of mine) - know what the heck I'm on about.
Just in case you felt like you might wanna do it too.
You are most welcome to join along!
There is a daily prompt. But, I am not going to pressure myself if I miss one or more.
The overall theme for the month is to 'finish the sentence with a photo' (whoops! just realised a mistake in the prompt list - it's supposed to read 'a photo' not 'the photo' but anyway. See? Not perfect. But that's okay!)
 I aim to include these photos as part of my weekly Project Life too.
I think it'll be fun.
Might even do it as a monthly, or even second-monthly, thing.
If you would like to join in - that would be totally OK with me. You can do it via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even use it as a daily blog post prompt. Let me know if you're jumping on board - would love to follow your journey too. I might even be able to do a link-up post for people joining in. We'll see how we go. I will be posting my daily photos on Instagram (annamayde) mainly BUT, as mentioned before, I may choose to pick out a day or two that are meaningful to me and go bloggy with it, if I want to expand and share further :-)
Hashtag is #OBSSlifesnaps ('OBSS' being me and my little blog here, and 'life snaps' basically cos that's what I'm doing...snapping little snippets of life :-)
Bring on April eh!?!
Take care. Seeya around.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Great idea Anna! they look like great prompts - I might join you on a few of them on my writing blog!

    1. Oh that sounds great Car! So glad you like my list. Look forward to seeing what you come up with :-)


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