RIPPLE-ALONG: Week 3 progress...

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Firstly, I would just like to say a big Thank You to all who have visited my blog and made beautiful comments on my ripple blanket progress so far. I really enjoy hearing what you think and also visiting all the blogs linked up on Mel's blog who are taking part in this enjoyable activity!
Above, you can see a picture of my little crochet spot on the couch yesterday. I was a little behind in getting my 10 rows but finished them off and photographed my blanket progress for this post today.

I now have 34 rows of colour done.
Sprout knows this blanket is for her and she always asks me when she sees me get it out "Is it ready yet, Mummy?"
Not quite yet darling ;-)
But it's getting closer!

Unfortunately, I have come to a hault in the progress of my blanket because...
I have run out of the colour wool.
My mother managed to purchase some more balls of wool from Spotlight last week and they are on the way in the post!
However, I don't expect them to turn up here until next week. Slow post. So I'm pretty certain there won't be a progress post next week for me.
I will post about a little related project I am doing to match my blanket.

I decided to get together the remaining bundles of wool left over from the blanket and start creating a cushion to match it!
When going to start the cushion, I realised I had completely forgotten how to begin crocheting a granny square!
So back to YouTube I went. And in the first minute of the tutorial I had it back on track again. Phew!
So during My Kitchen Rules last night, I did the first round of the cushion.
I will continue on in this pattern probably another 2-3 times I think. Well until the desired size.
And then I will do a crochet back in white.
Kinda just winging it really.
I will come back next week with my progress on this.
Until then, don't forget to check out the Week 3 progress post on Mel's blog HERE.
She has some linkies of some of her faves this week which are really good so check them out. And you can also browse through the links of all the ripple-alongers as well :-)
Also, if you are on Instagram you can check out the hashtag #ripplealong and see all the goodness there as well.
Happy Rippling xx
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. wow, your blanket is amazing - beautiful photo's :)

  2. Such pretty colours, it looks great :)

  3. Such a sweet, girly blanket - no wonder your littlie is eager for you to finish :D


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