RIPPLEALONG: A little fill-in project...

8:42 PM

Well, as I mentioned last week, the progress with my blanket has halted due to waiting for new wool.
It was mail day today but there was ZILCH in my mailbox when I went and checked. So that was abit deflating.
I have been plodding away at the little 'fill-in' project that I started showing you in the last post.
A granny cushion to match.
Here is the progress...

There is 4 rounds of the colour sequence in this cushion and I went around again in the white as I thought it would meld in better with the back square as that will be all white. Not sure yet how I will sew it all together to finish. Maybe just attach along 3 sides, leave the 4th open for the cushion insert and attach buttons for closing.
We'll see when I get there.
So hopefully Friday mail day will bring my wool along so I can resume rippling. Actually, come to think of it - it will be Good Friday, public holiday. Looks like I won't get a thing until Wednesday next week [sigh]. The downfalls of living in the country I guess. But on the other hand - Easter weekend will be great. Expecting the in-laws to visit for a few days so that will be good :-)
Be sure to check out Mel's Week 4 blog post HERE.
And you can also check out all the lovely blankets via Instagram using the hashtag #ripplealong
Seeya next week!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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