TASSIE TRIP {Part 2}...

8:40 PM

I wanted to fit as much into this trip as I could. There were many things that I had on my TO DO list - and the majority of those things I managed to do!
Today I would, firstly, like to take you on a trip down my memory lane.
I want to take you...
Since my Dad now works at my old school, I had the opportunity to visit and have a look around at some old haunts and check out all the new buildings and renovations that have taken place since I have left. I attended this school from Grade 3 right through to Grade 10 so it has quite a significant mark on my life!
Since leaving Year 10 in 1998, the number of enrolments has risen quite largely therefore the whole school has grown in size. There are many new buildings and divisions there now which was really exciting and weird to see all at the same time.
So - there I stood. On the land of my learning years.
And it was so much more meaningful (and weird) seeing my children walk over turf that I once walked on as a kid/teenager. Just added a whole different dimension to the experience.
Me standing in front of the entry of my high school building.
My reflection, with my Mum and youngest daughter, in one of my old high school classroom windows.
This area has changed quite abit since my days here but it is the old courtyard.
And this, to you, would just be a window but alas it is not just any window. To me, this is...
Ye Ole Tuck Shop Window.
In year 9 and 10, myself and 3 fellow students of my gal pals run a recess tuck shop where we sold  lollies, fruit and nut mixes and other goodies as part of a fundraiser for the school. We also in one year run the lunchtime canteen one or two days a week.
Fond memories.
See? Not just an ordinary window hey!?!

This little playground didn't exist when I was at school. I do remember it being very close to the place where I did long jump and triple jump at athletics carnivals :-)
Anyway, my kids loved having a play here - ah...and my sister joined in too ;-)
My mother volunteers one hour a week helping out in the school garden - weeding, watering, pruning etc etc.
So while we were playing around in the playground my Mum pottered around over there doing her garden thing!
We met her there later and helped her finish up. As part of helping out, she is able to take home some of the produce that is grown there so we picked off a good lot of peas and a zucchini to take home.
And Sprout being the 'little Miss Helper' that she is got to help Gran water some plants :-)
It was quite a surreal time walking around my old school - it was like being in a time warp or something. I felt connected but disconnected with the place all in one. But I am glad I had the opportunity and appreciate the experience.
That took you back into my 'olden' days.
Now I will take you into the new days of me.
One of the things on my TO DO list was to go to the hairdressers and get a new look.
Since turning 30 last year, I wanted to get drastic and go into this phase of life with a new hairstyle.
So off I went for...
And it really was!!
My hair went from
Big change.
But I'm liking it :-)
But the new look doesn't stop there...
I thought I would go the whole hog and get new glasses as well. I had been carrying around a pamphlet from my private health insurance providers for SpecSavers - 2 pairs NO Gap deal. So I booked in.
And now I have a new set of glasses AND a pair of prescription sunglasses (which I have NEVER had and REALLY love!)
The sunnies make me look a tad 'buggy' like a beetle! HaHa!
But I am just glad that I don't have to deal with glaring sun anymore. YAY!
So all this and I felt like a new woman!!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Walking around your old school is so surreal!

  2. Wow Anna, the trip home looks like it did you the world of good! That hair cut must have been huge for you!!!


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