TASSIE TRIP {Part 1} - Back Home...

4:00 PM

The day finally arrived where I was boarding the plane with my two girls to head back to Tassie - my home state.
The saying 'Home Sweet Home' really comes alive when you go back to the familiar place where you grew up and where many of your loved ones are.
I love WA don't get me wrong - but there is just that 'ahhhh...' moment when you get off that plane, get in the car and head home.
It's kinda hard to explain but hopefully you get a small glimmer of what I mean.
Everything is familiar but new at the same time cos you haven't been back for a while.
You see things afresh and appreciate them all over again...
 The scenery...
Driving down that driveway, rounding that corner and looking up at the family home...

Valuable family time...
Playing games.
Riding motorbikes.
Relax Time.
I was able to watch many a movie with my sister and whoever else was around to watch - it was great that I wasn't the only one to entertain the kids.
Missed hubby but it was just great to be back with my family.
North West Tas.
The home in my heart.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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