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8:45 PM

Just checking in quickly. I know it's been a while but there is good reasons.
I have been kept busy with a visit from some of my family from Tassie. YAY! We went away to Perth for 5 days with them as well. And I have been keeping busy with my September Sort It List! I even had some help from my wonderful sister with some of the bigger jobs!
My other sister is arriving next week for a visit as well.
Exciting times. Good fun.
Anyway, I am hoping to get into some more regular blogging this week. I have a lot to fill you in on!
But not today!
Today I would simply like to share with you something that I discovered stashed in a journal that I found (and have resumed writing in). It resonated with me and I felt compelled to include it on here for you to ponder too.
It is written by Corrin La Boucane-Canada
The most destructive habit...WORRY
The greatest joy...GIVING
The greatest loss...LOSS OF SELF-RESPECT
The most satisfying work...HELPING OTHERS
The ugliest personality trait...SELFISHNESS
The most endangered species...DEDICATED LEADERS
The greatest natural resource...OUR YOUTH
The greatest 'shot in the arm'...ENCOURAGEMENT
The greatest problem to overcome...FEAR
The most effective sleeping pill...PEACE OF MIND
The most crippling failure disease...EXCUSES
The most powerful force of life...LOVE
The most dangerous pariah...A GOSSIPER
The world's most incredible computer...THE BRAIN
The worst thing to be without...HOPE
The deadliest weapon...THE TONGUE
The two most power filled words..."I CAN"
The greatest asset...FAITH
The most worthless emotion...SELF-PITY
The most beautiful attire...A SMILE!
The most prized possession...INTEGRITY
The most powerful channel of communication...PRAYER
The most contagious spirit...ENTHUSIASM
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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