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I have been trying to get the bathroom sorted properly since we moved into this place! All the essentials were out on the bathroom sink and such but most other supplies were just stored in a couple of boxes on the floor. It was driving me crazy.
But I finally got to it...thanks to September Sort It and the fast-approaching visit from my family to drive me forward!
So here is the photo evidence :-)
The Before Shots...
 As you can see, clutter on the bathroom cabinet top, the wooden shelf and the floor!
The Progress Shots...
 I took everything out of the bathroom. Sorted through the boxes, chucked out old stuff and re-sorted all other items into some fabric storage containers I got from Red Dot.
I wiped out the cupboards, cleaned the sink and shower, and washed the floor! Instead of a bucket, I just filled up the bottom of the shower cubicle! Why not!?! It worked perfectly!
My favourite feature of our bathroom is the huge shower! It is so spacious yet cosy :-)
Then it was time to bring everything back in and I was done!
The After Shots...

I like the container idea in cupboards as you can pull the container out when you need to find something and rummage through them rather than knocking over everything or having to remove a heap of things in an attempt to find something when it's all stashed in the cupboard!
And as for the cabinet top...I think it looks much better!
It's still not perfect! We are looking at buying or making a waist high cabinet or set of draws to go over on the shower wall to store the bath towels, handtowels and washers as the linen cupboard cannot house all that AND the sheets plus other things we need to store in there. We need to maximise our storage as space effectively as we can because we live in a small place with limited storage.
But it's all good. I was VERY pleased with my efforts!
One job ticked off the list!
What's your favourite feature in your bathroom? How do you store all the bathroom bips and bops most effectively at your place?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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