September Sort It - Progress Report...

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September sort it
Well, it has become evident that I have (yet again) made a list too big for myself. Don't get me wrong - I have made a small dent on my list!
And the good thing about that dent is that it was pretty much all the BIG stuff that I desperately wanted to get done! So I am happy :-)
These BIG things included:
*Clean out the pantry cupboard
*Sort the Tupperware container shelf in the cupboard
*Sort through the mess on my bedside table and make it tidy.
*Clean up office desk.
*Clean and organise bathroom cabinet and shelves.
*Sort through clothes - I kept, I donated, I put away some for repurposing, I passed some clothing on to friends/family!
I will show photos in separate posts over the next couple of days of these BIG sorting events! I am so glad I had the help of my Mum and sister while they were over or the jobs probably wouldn't have gotten done - not to the extent that they did anyway!!
But in this post, I will show you some photos of my lovely organised clean kitchen that I slaved away on all day leading up to the arrival of my family.
I had taken a peak at The Organised Housewife's 20 day challenge to clean and organise your home and made a note to keep popping in on her daily challenges. The first day was your kitchen - which meant that I could tick off all the points for that day because it was DONE!!
 All the benches were cleared and cleaned, I found a little possie for things that had been just laying around (like the garlic etc etc), the dishes were done, the sink clean and sparkly, the sun was shining in the windows...
Ahhhh - love a clean kitchen :-)
So...even though it wasn't on the list, it was something that I wanted to get done because my kitchen was a shambles. Actually now, a month on, it's a tad dishevelled but shouldn't take long to get back to the shiny state it was in this particular day.
And as you can see in the last pic, on the far bench - the slow cooker was cooking a lovely lamb roast ready for our special guests that night...
My Dad, Mum and youngest sister!
More on that soon...
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Congrats on the big jobs done.....sorting is a lifetime job for some of us...actually most people. Enjoy your new spaces. xx


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