And The Countdown Begins...

9:42 PM

It's 90 days until Christmas folks!
I still have not completed (or even started for that matter) the task of creating my Christmas gift lift yet which is on my September Sort It list. Better get onto it quick smart hey!?!
I have been browsing the net and Pinterest for some ideas for this year though ;-)
So I thought I would share what I have been pinning onto my pinboard entitled 'The Festive Season'!
Today, I would like to focus on...
I like wreaths. But I have never bought one because I have never found one I liked in the shops PLUS I would prefer a handmade one BUT I have never been able to find the time to create one!
I am hoping that this year - THIS WILL CHANGE!!
So here are my top 3 wreath ideas I have pinned on my pinterest board.
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^I pinned this last year for Christmas as I fell in love with this idea straight away. You can click on the 'source' link underneath the picture to be directed to the tutorial on how Jodie of the Creativity and Love blog, creates this masterpiece using vintage baubles and trinkets that she found in an op-shop. Love the thriftiness of this idea :-)
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A Wreath made of Pom Poms!
 I haven't made a pom pom since I was a kid! But I am definitely keen to try again just so I can make one of these!!
And lastly...
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This was originally for sale in an Etsy store called misstitchery. But I would love to have a go at making one of these from my own collection of wooden spools and thread! Would look awesome in my studio during the festive season that's for sure!!
So there you have it.
I have been looking at and pinning lots more Christmas decoration ideas which I will share at a later date.
Until then, I better get cracking on the Christmas Gift List!
Do you have a Christmas Gift List? If so, have you made it yet?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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